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Meredith Andrews

Every Wednesday night my husband's band (Chris Allen Band) leads worship for the youth at our church. This past Wednesday night the guys did a night of worship with the very talented Meredith Andrews! I had never heard of Meredith Andrews before this Wednesday, but let me tell you she is amazing!! She has such a powerful voice and a sincere passion for the Lord that comes through in her music!! Her songs have really great lyrics, that encouraged and convicted me! She even sang a Keith Green song (Keith Green is one of my personal heroes and a musical fav)! At the end of the night I really wanted a one of her cd's... but had to leave before I could get one! So I called my husband to ask if he could get one... and he said he didn't have any money on him so he couldn't... I was kinda sad! So I went about my business... went out to eat with my friends... then came home. The minute I walked through the door guess what I saw...

..a Meredith Andrews cd signed with my name on it, and a sweet note from my hubby!! Yay!! My husband is pretty much the sweetest guy I know... and yes, he spoils me a lot!! He really didn't have any money. He went and was talking to Meredith and her husband after the show... and somehow got a free cd (I think he gave them a Chris Allen Band cd)! I really like the verse Meredith put on my cd, Acts 20:24, "But none of these things move me; nor do I count my life dear to myself, so that I may finish my race with joy, and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God." What a neat attitude to have... check out her website at www.meredithandrews.com!!


Chris Allen Band

Sunday the guys from the Chris Allen Band and I headed to downtown Orlando to try and get a couple more recent pictures for their press kit. They mostly wanted just a simple pictures of all their faces... nothing fancy. We headed downtown, drove around for just about forever trying to find a parking spot, and then when we had finally made the decision to pay $8 to park.... it started to rain. We spent the next hour trecking around in the rain trying to find cool picture spots, talking to a random security guard and hiding under overhangs in an attempt not to get soaked. I will admit that I got a little frustrated at the rain... downtown Orlando is so cool and I have been wanting to take pictures down there for awhile. Then when the opportunity arrives... so does the rain!! We didn't get to take that many pictures... but here is what we got from the few I took! Let me know which one ya'll like... the guys are only sending out one with their kit (the one right below is my personal fav!)

We tried the whole reflection thing....hmm.... not so sure?

This one cracked me up!! I told the guys to all look off... and this is the result!!

These are just a couple pictures of downtown Orlando... so much cool stuff down there!! The next time I have a sunny afternoon off... I am just going to spend it cruising around downtwon taking pics!!


My New Obsession!

I have a new obsession (previous obsessions include hamburgers, Chick-fil-a Peppermint Chocolate Milkshake, hot cocoa... basically random, unhealthy foods!) About a week ago Chris took me on a ice cream date to Cold Stone Creamery... and guess what I saw for the first time......

.....cupcakes with ice cream in the middle..... in a chocolate shell (belgian chocolate no less!!) For someone with a sweet tooth and a love of chocolate like me... what could be better!? I personally have my eye on the Cake Batter Deluxe... but as of yet I have not had one!! Crazy I know.... the problem is they come in sets of six... and I have yet to find five other people who would also like one... or even two other people who are willing to chow down on two cupcakes each!! Everyday I have to talk myself out of buying all six... because I know I will then eat all six!! So for now I will just admire from afar... and go to their website and drool every now and then!!


Next Vincent Van Gogh?

Today I substituted for TFA's lower school (K-5th grade) art teacher. I always love subbing for the lower school. The kids are so cute... even when they act up a lot it's hard to be mad at them. The little ones are especially sweet, they love you instantly, before they even get to know you. Often when I am subbing for one of their classes they will randomly get up and give me a hug... no reason, that's just how they roll. Another thing I love about these little ones is how they like to show their affection through art. Even when I am not teaching an art class I usually end up with an assortment of notes and pictures from my little students. They will run up throughout the day, drop the picture in my lap and shyly say " That's for you." These little notes and pics warm my little heart and make me feel so special. Today I was given a few by my art students and I thought I would share them with you!!

This one was a little book a girl had made herself and gave me! I have no clue what it says... it looks a little like it might be Dr. Suess's Thing 1 and Thing 2!!

Here is my attempt at art! Good thing I took a shine to photography... I had no chance as a budding artist!!


Cocoa Beach Sunrise

"The heavens declare the glory of God..." -Psalms 19:1

This is the verse that kept running through my mind this past Sunday as I sat on the beach watching the sunrise. Sitting there in the quietness and peace of the morning, I felt so small watching the sun rise over the ocean. I felt caught up and overwhelmed by God and His bigness! Like a little child, in awe of my Father, who He is and what He can do. As I watched the sunrise the colors and shapes of the clouds changed over and over. I must have taken over two hundred pictures, and yet every picture was unique. God does this every morning... and never runs out of "new" ides for the sunrise sky?! Crazy!! I love that my God is so big, that His mercies are new every morning, that He has an "infinite appetite for infancy (G.K. Chesterton)". I like being so small compared to God's bigness. It makes me feel safe, peaceful and comforted. Knowing that I can lay all my cares at His feet... and He will carry them for me. Ruthie, Katie and I skipped church to watch the sunrise, but I feel like I had my own little worship service watching that sunrise.

"The city had no need of the sun or of the moon to shine in it, for the glory of God illuminated it." -Revelation 21:23
Even as awesome and as beautiful as the sun is, someday there will be no more need for it. God's glory itself will be our light! I can't even begin to imagine how beautiful that will be!

Ruthie and Katie taking a pic!

Katie capturing the sunrise!

Probably one of my favorite pictures I took that morning. Just as we were leaving the beach, this kid hopped up on the boardwalk rail... and I quickly snapped this pic!!

Later that day on a very crowded beach!

There was some random surf competition going on that day, and there were all these proffessional photographers taking pictures. So Katie, Ruthie and I grabbed our cameras and just tried to blend in. Here is a shot of one of the surfers... sorry... no zoom lens yet!!


Fun Times in Orlando!

Hey ya'll! As you might have noticed I love to take pictures!! I would take pictures all day everyday... of everything and everyone. Unfortunately that would be a little weird, and probably annoying to a lot of my friends!! I am always bugging my husband to let me take pictures of him... and every so often he obliges, and this time his friend Cordy came along ( side note: guys aren't like us girls... they don't want to dress up and take pictures all the time, so I am very lucky to have such a sweet husband who knows how much I love when he lets me take his pictures... thanks babe )!! Here we are just having fun and finding new picture spots around Orlando!

I have always wanted a picture of me kicking... random huh?!

This is my new favorite picture. The light is so awesome!!


Simeon and Melissa

Hey ya'll!! Here are the first engagement pictures I have ever taken. My friend Sarah Ainsworth (Sarah Ainsworth Photography) was gracious enough to let me come on an engagement shoot with her so I could see firsthand what it is like. I mostly just watched and took notes... and helped with switching out lenses and holding the reflector. Here are a couple shots I took to add to my portfolio!! Simeon and Melissa were such a sweet, fun and good-looking couple. It was so cool to see how obviously in love they were! Sarah... thanks so much for letting me tag along and get some awesome firsthand experience!! Check out Sarah and her photos from the shoot....they are amazing at sarahainsworth!!

Still not sure what I think about this one... couldn't decide if I liked it or not?!

I have to mention this... the picture below was photoshopped by my fabulous husband...not bad huh?!

Pretty much my favorite shot of the day!

Haha... this wasn't part of the photo shoot.... just a random photo layout I made... yay for learning new stuff in photoshop!!


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