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Chris Allen Band Colleyville, Tx

So...I have always tried to take pictures of the guys while they are playing... and for the most part I have always failed. My pictures come out blurry and dark, the guys rarely play in well lit rooms or outside! I pretty much figured I would have to buy some huge, expensive lens to be able to take pictures of the guys while they play. Then I met Sarah!! The first night we met... she pulled out her camera and started shooting while the guys were playing. She got all these awesome shots... and I was like show me how you did that!! Turns out it's pretty simple... change your ISO. Duh!! The higher the ISO the more sensitivity to light. Great for shooting during barely lit worship sessions!! So..... a couple of nights ago in Colleyville I tried out my newfound photography skills... and it worked!!! Here are the results, Chris Allen Band at First Baptist Colleyville:


Chan's Mongolian Grill

Here is one of the things I love about traveling with the guys (Chris Allen Band)... getting to eat at fun new places!! Here is the latest and greatest... we all loved this place. Chan's Mongolian Grill in Colleyville, TX...

First you grab two bowls and fill them with as much meat, veggies noodles and sauce as you want!!

Sarah... you are going to laugh.... this picture below is the only one i white balanced on...whoops!!

Chris and Cordy with their bowls!

Then you hand them to this guy who throws them on this big stone grill, adds some rice and eggs and and cooks the mess up for you!!

Then beautiful and yummy result!! Even more crazy is the fact that it is all you can eat... didn't get it right the first time... do it again!!


Angie, Luke and Brady

Last week I got to take pictures of some super cute kids and their mother. Below is Luke, who had so much energy and was just ready to take off and explore the area where we were shooting. At one point he found a huge pile of dirt and next thing we know he was on top of it, covered in dust! His younger brother Brady was the sweetest, cutest baby. He was so easygoing, he never got upset, even after a couple of wardrobe changes and moving around a lot! i haven't taken very many pictures of kids yet... but it was a fun experience and I learned a lot!! Tell me what you think and feel free to give me any tips or suggestions... I have a lot to learn in this area!! Thanks!!


Sarah Ainsworth

Hey ya'll!! Hello from Texas!! We are here for one more week... and then we head back to Florida! This weekend has been a blast for me. We are in Baytown, Tx. where the guys are playing at a pre-teen D-Now... and my friend Sarah and I have been filling our time taking pics and playing in Photoshop! Sarah is a photography student at SHSU in Huntsville, and has come down with her husband (who plays with the guys in the band) the last two weekends to hang out! She is an amazing photographer and knows so much more about the technical side of photography and photoshop!! I am soaking up all her knowledge. Here are some of the pictures I took this weekend. Also check out her blog...www.sarahainsworth.wordpress.com

This field was so pretty with all the yellow flowers.. I couldn't wait to take pictures in it!

The middle of our photo shoot was interrupted by a downpour of rain. Here are some shots we got while we took shelter on a nearby porch.

We spent some time playing in the light...I love light!


Grace, Michaela and Sarah-Kate

Today I had a fun little photoshoot with my little sister and a couple of her friends. We had fun just goofing off and hanging out!! Thanks girls so much for letting me take your photo's....and for just being ya'lls sweet selves!! Ya'll are all so beautiful!!


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