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Sarah Ainsworth

Hey ya'll!! Hello from Texas!! We are here for one more week... and then we head back to Florida! This weekend has been a blast for me. We are in Baytown, Tx. where the guys are playing at a pre-teen D-Now... and my friend Sarah and I have been filling our time taking pics and playing in Photoshop! Sarah is a photography student at SHSU in Huntsville, and has come down with her husband (who plays with the guys in the band) the last two weekends to hang out! She is an amazing photographer and knows so much more about the technical side of photography and photoshop!! I am soaking up all her knowledge. Here are some of the pictures I took this weekend. Also check out her blog...www.sarahainsworth.wordpress.com

This field was so pretty with all the yellow flowers.. I couldn't wait to take pictures in it!

The middle of our photo shoot was interrupted by a downpour of rain. Here are some shots we got while we took shelter on a nearby porch.

We spent some time playing in the light...I love light!


Jodi February 24, 2009 at 10:24 PM  

so very stunning and beautiful (both your talent and your subject!) You get better by the second- what a beautiful gift God has given you!


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