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My New "Sassy" Haircut!

So I got a new "sassy" haircut a little over a week ago... and I thought I'd let ya'll know (I call it my sassy haircut because my husband Chris says I am way sassier since I got the haircut!) So far I am loving it... it's perfect for the summer!!

Hillsong United

About a month ago my friend Debs was in town for a couple of days... and in one of our many random conversations we discussed bands we would like to see in concert. Here are my exact words " I've pretty much seen all of my most favorite bands in concert except one, Hillsong, they are the only band I still really want to see live." Not even a week later I was informed that Hillsong United was coming to Orlando!! How cool is that?! Tuesday Chris, Cordy and I headed up to the church to watch one of our all time favorite worship bands. We got in early (thanks friend) and made our way eagerly to the very front row. We very quickly learned that in our haste to get the closest seat to the stage.... we had forgotten some very important facts.
Fact: in front of the first row where we had taken a seat on there was ten feet of open space for people to stand in front of the stage.
Fact: people, even people at a christian worship concert, can be extremely rude and pushy.
Fact: I am short... as soon as people poured into that ten foot space between us and the stage.... all visibility of anything important was lost for me!
In light of these facts after a couple of songs Chris and I moved to the balcony where we found and awesome spot and enjoyed the rest of the concert in peace.
The concert was amazing!! Hillsong United is such a talented group of people who are passionate about God and His worship!! One of my favorite parts of the concert was when they quietly started singing this chorus to the song "With Everything"....

With everything
With everything
We will shout for Your glory
With everything
With everything
We will shout forth Your praise


It was such a powerful moment to be singing those lines with 5,000 other people over and over again. "With Everything" is probably my favorite song at the moment (along with a brand one they introduced at the concert entitled "You Hold Me now"!!) Here are a few pics from the concert!!

The photographer in me came out in the middle of the concert when I turned and looked at the lights on the ceiling and snapped this pic!!


Manicure in the Name of a Scholarship!!

So I am entering to win a scholarship to the Love Affair Workshop this summer. The scholarship this year works just like a raffle. There is a list of tasks to complete... and for each task completed my name will be entered into the drawing another time. One of the tasks was to get a pedicure (I know such hard work) and blog about it. I took the excuse to go get a pedicure and ran with it!! My super sweet friend Katie came with me!! Here is our pedicure adventure!!

Ok... question... when you get a pedicure do they normally pop your toes??! Before my pedicurist started to paint my toes he put a warm towel over my feet and proceeded to pop each and every toe of mine. Katie's pedicurist didn't give her the special toe popping treatment. Hmmm....?
I thought since I was getting a pedicure for the Love Affair Workshop scholarship I would go all out and paint my toes with the Love Affair colors (as close as I could get)!! I'm pretty sure the pedicurist thought I was 13 or something!!


Mothers Day!

For Mothers Day this year Chris and I and our friend Cordy decided to go out and take a couple of pictures to send our Moms!! I was super excited because it gave me an opportunity to use my flash!! Can you tell which pics I used it in??


Why I Want to Go to the Love Affair Workshop!

So... as I mentioned earlier I am applying for a scholarship to the most wonderful photography workshop ever.... Love Affair!!! Why do I want to go to Love Affair?? There are a million reasons... but here are the biggest reasons I have for wanting to go.....

#1- Life is Short: Life is too short to be afraid, to hold back, too not chase your passions and dreams with everything you have. I have spent so much of my life holding back, second guessing myself and pretending I'm okay with photography just being a hobby. This workshop could change all that. It could give me knowledge to back up my passion, replace my self doubt with confidence and give me the tools I need to turn a hobby into a business. Lauren Clark, Davina Fear, Millie Holloman and Kelly Moore Clark are some of the most talented wedding photographers in the world. In my opinion it doesn't get any better than these four talented, beautiful and passionate women. Who better to learn from than the best?!

#2- I'm Passionate About Photography: I've said it before and I'll say it again I LOVE taking pictures.... and specifically pictures of people! People are the most important thing in life, they are what life is all about. Pictures capture tiny snapshots of peoples lives... their emotions, spirits and personalities. A beautiful picture is something people will treasure forever. Almost two years ago Lauren Clark photographed my wedding. I can't tell you how many times I have recieved compliments on the pictures she took. I love those pictures! Everyone in the world should have beautiful pictures of themselves and the special moments in their lives that they love, and I want to be a part of that! My passion gives me a hunger to learn. I have so many questions and areas of the photography business I am completely lost in!! I would love to go to Love Affair to soak up all kinds of facts, knowledge and advice about photography!!

#3- My Husband: I have the sweetest most supportive husband ever! He believes in me more than I believe in myself! He has spent countless hours letting me take picture after picture of him so that I can better my photography skills. My husband is in the ministry doing what he is passionate about. Being in ministry has meant that we don't always have a lot of extra money. My husband has so many things he wants, and even needs, yet time and time again he has sacrificed and gone without so that I can buy the equipment that I need to pursue my dreams. He has given so much to me and I want to be able to give so much to him. To build a successful business so that he can have the things he needs and wants as well! To be the person that he sees and believes in!

#4- Community: The Love Affair Workshop will be attended by so many awesome, beautiful women who are so full of talent. It is an opportunity for me to meet other women just like myself. To build friendships with other photographers that will continue long after the workshop is over. Friends that will continue to encourage and help me grow as a photographer in ways I could never do alone!

So there it is, the main reasons I want to go.... but there are so many more!! Head on over to the Love Affair website and read all about the four wonderful ladies who put on the workshop (and say a prayer that my name comes up a time or two in the drawing)!! Thanks so much for taking the time to hear me pour out my heart about my photography passion!!


Houston I Have a Flash!!

Is that title corny or what!? Haha... that's kinda what I feel like though... Hello World!! I am now armed and ready with a flash... so here I come!! First I have to tell you the whole reason I am even blessed enough to have a flash... my ever so sweet husband!! My husband has known for awhile how bad I have been wanting, and needing, a flash. People will ask if I can take this or that picture... and every once in awhile I will have to say no because I don't have a flash. It always makes me kinda sad, and my husband can somehow tell it makes me sad. About two weeks ago my husband was told he was getting a paycheck for some of the stuff he does with the band. He instantly leaned over and told me that he wanted me to use the money he was getting for a flash, a nice flash. Wow!! Now some of you may not think it is a big deal for my husband to tell me to go buy a nice flash. But it is, and I will tell you why. We are not super wealthy, we are not even kinda wealthy. We are more of the "our treasure is in heaven" type (because it sure isn't here!) When we first got married we used to have what we called "fun money" every month... money we could each use however we pleased (mine usually went towards photography equipment and clothes, his towards drum equipment). We no longer have fun money... every single penny we make has a use, has a purpose. We are by no means poor... we have every thing we could ever need, and know we are very blessed to have the things we do!! We just don't have money to spend on things that aren't super necessary. So... to have a little extra money is a big deal... and what to do with it is an even bigger deal. There are so many things my husband wants... and perhaps even needs. So... for him to say the money is mine... all of it... wow!! Makes me realize how blessed am I to have such a sweet, caring husband. One who does exactly what the Bible says and puts my wants and desires before his own!! I am one lucky girl... and every time I use that beautiful little flash of mine I will be reminded just how lucky I am!!
Here is my sweet little flash and my awesome off-brand, off-camera flash cord! Much more to come as I experiment and learn how to use these... I have a ways to go in my understanding of light!!


Debs Visits Florida!!

So.... I have sadly been neglecting my blog lately. Poor blog... I will get better I promise!! My fabulous friend Debs was in town this past week.... so I thought I would tell you about our adventures together!! We spent our time cruising around in her rented black, mustang convertible. It is amazing how cool a car can make you feel (or how uncool). Driving around in the sun with the top down on that mustang.... Andrea Bocelli blaring, has a way of making everything better!! We spent most of our time together going to the Universal and Disney theme parks... doing anything BUT acting our age!! Here are some pics (you will have to forgive me, these are taken with my super cheap point and shoot, I like my nice camera way to much to take it to Disney with me)!

Cruising in the convertible!!
Nervous about going on the Hulk (an awesome roller coaster that I've been on before but somehow manage to get scared every time I'm about to get on it!)
A very polite Universal worker took this right before we went on the Hulk... I think he could tell we were a little nervous!!
No turning back now!
We survived!!
Red Fish, Blue Fish the ride... I think we were the only adults riding this ride who didn't have children under the age of five!!
I was super jazzed about the fact that I could control how high or low we went on the ride!!
Cyclops just wandering the streets of Universal!
Going on the 3d ride Spiderman... don't we look so cool!!
Doom.... so this is a funny story. This ride shoots you pretty high up and then drops you. Debs and I rode it once... then came back and rode it again. The second time as we were getting off I freaked out. My shoulder straps wouldn't lift up... I thought I was stuck and the ride was going to take off with me halfway strapped in!!! Thankfully Debs stayed super calm and told me matter-of-factly that my seatbelt buckle was still buckled.... thanks Debs!!

Super sweet baby elephant we saw on the safari at Animal Kingdom!
Very strange looking white rhinos!
Waiting in line for a bus to take us to the next park!! We were given park hopping passes for free by a friend (those tickets are like $400 dollars apiece normally... we sure got lucky!!)... so we were attempting to go to all 4 Disney parks in one day!
Fireworks show at Magice Kingdom, such a perfect way to end an awesome day!!


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