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Hey ya'll here are some pics Ruthie and I took in Nashville while the guys were recording!! We had a blast...Nashville is gorgeous!!!

(This is my favorite pic!!)

I get really excited about taking pics!!!

This is the famous Ruthie as a smashed bug pic!!!

These pictures of me were taken by the fabulous Ruthie Haun!!!!

Here are the pics I took of Ruthie!!! Isn't she pretty!!!


Park Avenue With Erin and Ruthie!

So yesterday I went out to take pictures for the first time since I have been here in Florida!!! I just thought I'd share them with ya'll!!

In this pic below you can see my new photography friend Ruthie who showed me some really great places to go take pics!!!

Our model for the day was my work-out buddy Erin.....isn't she gorgeous!!!

I have spent the last week or two playing in photoshop.....and am finally starting to get the hang of some stuff!!! This photo below had some not so pretty shadows on Erin's face....so I just went with it and made the whole pic kinda dark and mysterious....cool huh??

Pink...the best color ever!!!

Kinda old timey huh??!!

Well...hopefully now that I know a little better where to go in this crazy town...I can take pics a little more often!!!


Why I Started a Blog.......

(the Custer clan)

I never really liked blogs until recently! I had always thought they were for people who had no life....and just blogged all day as a result! I have since changed my mind!!! I think they are wonderful avenues for all kinds of purposes. This blog will serve two purposes...a place to post my pictures as I start to figure out this photography thing....and a way to keep in touch with all Chris and I's friends and family who we miss dearly and are so far away!!! We love all of ya'll!!!


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