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Branches and Light Scholarship Video....... Outakes and All

I know....... I said no more posts on this blog...... but it felt weird posting this video on my new blog..... when the original post was on this blog. So... this really is the LAST post on this blog..... if you haven't already, head on over to my new blog and start following it! All kinds of fun new post coming up!!

So..... I promised my hubby if I won the Branches & Light Scholarship I would post this video...... and include some of the embarrassing outakes. To my complete surprise I won!! I am so completely grateful to both Caroline and Nancy for giving me this amazing opportunity!! Sometimes I go visit the Branches & Light blog post about the scholarship winner..... just to make sure my picture is still posted there and I am still the winner!! :) January is going to be amazing!!! I absolutely can't wait to meet all the other Branches & Light workshop attendees and have a day of learning and growing together!! I am so excited for this upcoming season in my life!! I feel like my husband and I are embarking on a brand new adventure.... and the sky is the limit for us!! We are entering a time of family, friends and fellowship! So thankful for all the blessings God has put in our lives.... His grace is so rich!! :) If you have no idea what I'm talking about when I say Branches & Light..... check out my previous post here. Here is the video I entered into the scholarship...... it was filmed by my sweet hubby! Thanks you so much Chris! You are amazing and I couldn't have done it without you!! P.S....... I caught my hubby the other day going through the outakes and cracking up at me..... feel free to do the same!! :)


Holiday Mini Sessions and a New Blog!!

Hello!! Hope everyone is enjoying their fall and the cooler fall weather!! The trees are turning the most gorgeous colors everywhere here in Arkansas!! I'm thinking about heading out with my hubby sometime this week to capture a pic of us in all the pretty colors!! So here's some exciting news....... I HAVE A NEW BLOG!!!!! It's so amazing and great (and still a work in progress...... but I'm so frustrated with this blog, and the many hours it took just for one tiny blog post, I just went right ahead and started using my new one!!) This is the last post you will ever see on this blog...... so head over to the new blog and check it out.......www.christinashippeyphotography.com/blog!! Let me know what you think....... I added a fun new color and so far I'm loving it!!

Also...... I am headed down to Pearland for the holidays (actually Chris and I are moving to Pearland during the holidays...... but that is another blog post!) and I am offering a special for the holiday season! This is the perfect opportunity for some family Christmas pictures..... or any other type of session you want!! Here are all the details:

The dates in November are the only dates I will be offering the special session fee of $150 with 10 digital images or $50 print credit included! If you would like to book a session one of these dates simply email me at christinashippeyphotography@gmail.com and let me know the date you would like and the time you prefer (4pm or 5:15pm!) Here are all the details and dates again......

Holiday Mini Sessions:
1 hour session
30-50 images in an online gallery
30-50 images in an online gallery

Pearland, TX (specific location TBD)



Branch & Light Scholarship Entry: This Season of Life

Hello!! Are you ready for my first ever self portraits??? This blog post is part of my entry for the Branches & Light photography workshop scholarship. It is all about where I am in life and my pursuit of a full-time photography business..... and part of the assignment was a series of self portraits! I thought I would spend five minutes taking 3 or 4 shots of...... well.... my face. Instead....... I spent over an hour and ended up taking like 300 pics. Huh?!? Haha.... turns out I left my one and only tripod in Dallas, TX at the last wedding venue I shot at! I spent most of my time balancing my camera on a ladder, a stool and the trunk of my car! Plus..... I ended up really enjoying my time with just me and my camera...... I learned a whole lot and am kinda proud of myself! :)Here is what I got..... along with little chunks of my heart about why I would LOVE to win a scholarship to the Branches & Light workshop!!

Hello...... this is me!

All along I knew wedding photography was it for me- once I had been exposed to it- it completely stole my heart! I shot my first wedding a year ago. However, deciding I loved wedding photography and actually doing it have been two very different things! The last couple years as I have pursued my dream have not been easy-but they have taught me things an easily successful business never would have-patience, joy, gratitude for the small victories and perseverance. I have learned to not be so anxious for where I am going that I don't enjoy where I am.

I have been following Caroline's photography for a while now and as soon as she announced a workshop I hurried to the website to read all about it! As I read the heart behind the workshop and the topics to be taught...... I started tearing up. One of the topics was fear. Fear. I think fear is something I've dealt with my whole life..... but I had no idea it would follow me into my business. Being creative..... and putting it on display for the world to see can be a scary thing..... but .......the fear that really gets to me and eats at me is the fear of failing..... of never having a successful business. I have such big dreams that fear at times makes them look impossible! It is so encouraging to know that I'm not the only photographer who has fears. I would really love to learn how to deal with my fears...... even turn them around to use in a positive way.

One of the other things I really loved when I read about the Branches & Light workshop was the time that will be spent teaching about business. I have so much to learn about both the creative side and the business side of photography...... but I feel like it is the business side that constantly has me bogged down with questions and confusion! I often feel like I am in some giant maze......every time I think I've figured something out..... I end up right back where I started! Uggh! I am quite the idea person..... but often struggle carrying out my ideas! I often feel the more weddings I shoot..... the more I walk toward a full-time business- the more questions I have!

Right now my husband and I are in a very transitional phase of our lives. A lot of things are changing. My husband is stepping away from something he has been a part of for over ten years...... and following where he feels God is leading. We move from Springdale, Arkansas to Houston, Texas in less than a month! Money is tight...... why is moving so expensive?? Speaking of moving...... in the last three years I have lived in three different states! While it has been a little frustrating constantly starting over in new cities..... my husband and I are really excited about this new phase in our lives! We have a lot of changes going on and our lives are quite hectic....... but I feel like this next move is the perfect opportunity for me to have a really fresh start in my business and do it right...... with lot's of help and advice from Caroline Joy and Nancy Ray- two amazing photographers who know how to run successful businesses.

There are so many more reasons I would love to come to the Branches & Light workshop...... but I will leave you with one final reason. Community, friendship, encouragement..... things my heart is really longing for. Being a photographer and owning your own business can often be a lonely thing. I feel that one of the most valuable things one can get from a workshop is a friend..... or lot's of friends. Perhaps a whole community of friends who have the same passions, desires and goals I do! A group of people that will encourage and push each other to do better things and to be better people! I have no doubt that those are the kinds of people Caroline and Nancy are...... and that they will attract people just like them to this workshop. I would absolutely LOVE to meet all the workshop attendees and spend a day or two sipping tea and sharing hearts with other photographers!

Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to me pour my heart out! I will leave you with one more set of self-portraits..... as you can see I had WAY to much fun!! :)


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