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Dallas Wedding Photographer. Delaney's Vineyard Wedding. Ashley+Tim: Sneak Peek

Here is a quick sneak peek of Ashley and Tim from their Grapevine, Texas vineyard wedding! There were sooo many pics I loved that I couldn't just post one or two...... so how about four!!

This is pretty much my absolute favorite....... I adore taking photos during sunset!! This photo below is actually a miracle.... it rained and poured most of Ashley and Tim's wedding day..... then cleared up right after the ceremony for their portraits!!

These next two were taken by Chris..... my second shooter who also happens to be my hubby!!

This is one of my other favs...... such a sweet moment!!

The rest of their beautiful fall, vineyard wedding coming soon!! :)


Nothwest Arkansas Wedding Photographer. Amy+Sam.

Meet Amy and Sam..... they had a beautiful fall themed wedding with pops of red and a little black! Since they got married in October I thought it would be a nice, cool day...... just the right temperature for some outdoor shots before the ceremony. Not so!! It was hot...... the whole bridal party started melting the minute we stepped outside! So ready for the cool fall weather here in Arkansas!

Amy's beautiful lace dress and ballet slippers....... Amy was smart and wanted to be comfy on her wedding day.... and choose not to kill her feet with high heels!

The flowers....

Amy's sweet little girl popped in to say "hi" right before the ceremony!

Now onto the gentlemen..... while I was in with the ladies my husband went in to hang out with the groomsmen and get some shots...... so I can't take any credit for the following shots..... they were all shot by Chris!!

Sam getting ready......

Playing cards to relax.... and pass the time!

Probably one of my favorite shots....... and my hubby took it! :)

Sam met up with his family in the hallway before the ceremony..... and said "hi" to his little girl as well! I have to say she is one of the best behaved 7 month olds I have ever met.... constantly smiling and I didn't hear her fuss once the whole day!!

Amy..... such a beautiful bride!!

Amy with her bridesmaids..... looking gorgeous despite the heat!!

The handsome groomsmen!!

Amy and Sam didn't do a first sight..... but they met around corner and I got a couple of pics.

One of my favorites from the day......

Now onto the ceremony.....

I know I said this in the sneak peek...... but..... the church they got married in was gorgeous!!! My heart smiled when I saw it!

Sam as his bride was coming down the aisle (Chris snapped this one!)

Sam..... still smiling..... awwe!

Love this pic...... not sure what the priest is doing..... but it looks so cool and official how he is raising his arm!

Hello cake!! Amy's cake was beautiful.... love the black and red against the purple wall!

Groom's cake...... go Hogs!!

The centerpieces on the tables were so pretty........

Cutting the cake.....

...... and then stuffing it in Sam's face- then very sweetly wiping it off!!

Now for some alone time with the bride and groom..... probably my favorite part of the day!!

Congratulations Amy+Sam!!!!


Nothwest Arkansas Wedding Photographer. Springdale Country Club. Denise+Tim

Say hello to Denise and Tim! I second shot this gorgeous wedding with Rachel Blackwell- it was my second time shooting with Rachel and I feel like I learned soooo much from her! Rachel you are very talented- thank you so much for your generosity with your photography knowledge and for answering all my pesky questions! :) Now-onto the wedding!

Let's start with the shoes...... because...... these shoes are amazing..... I want to rewind time and wear these to my own wedding! Hello pink ruffles!

Denise had two dresses..... one for the ceremony and one for the reception..... and she looked absolutely beautiful in both!

Putting the shoes on........ and Denise's hair...... so beautiful.... and ALL real, no extensions!

This next series of shots is Denise having her earings put on..... her faces crack me up!

Denise's handsome groom getting ready.

Some couple pics before the ceremony......

A little black and white......

A few church details...... loved the stained glass in the church!

Wedding time and a church exit with flower petals!

Then some more pictures after the ceremony on the golf course..... sunset is such a perfect time for pictures!

Denise's reception was beautiful...... pink everywhere and lovely centerpieces!

The cake........ quite yummy..... I took a piece home! :)

Tossing the bouquet..... isn't Denise stunning in her red dress?!

The garter toss.....

...... and quite an eager group of single gents!

I'll leave you with this shot of Denise and Tim dancing the night away to end the post!


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