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Meet Hunter! I had a blast taking Hunter's pictures out in Winter Garden! We found the perfect pink and black wall (who doesn't love a bright pink wall?!) to take pictures in front of! It just so happened that the day we took Hunter's pictures was her 6th birthday! How fun is that!? And how can you not fall in love with those big brown eyes of hers!! Hunter I hope this next year of yours is a great one!!


My New Website!

I almost can't believe what I'm about to say... can't believe that I have one... and it is finally finished! Most of all I can't wait to show everyone..............MY OFFICIAL WEBSITE!!! I know crazy huh?! I think it's the coolest thing ever.... that I actually have a REAL website!! Check it out at ChristinaShippeyPhotography.com!! Also.... very excited about this too (these things have been hanging out in purse for over a month now and I have been itching to give them out)..... my new business cards!! I couldn't give them out until now because they have my website address on them and it hasn't been ready until now!! My business cards are so cool.... each has my info on one side with my favorite color (turquoise) and a different picture on the other side of each one to show my work!! Okay.... drumroll please..... reason number three I am so excited is Ruthie and Chris' wedding is up on my new website and they have their own slideshow!! Head to the website and click on weddings!! Let me know how you like it..... or anything you don't like or think I could make better! I would love ya'lls feedback!!


Chris + Ruthie: Pre-Ceremony

So you know how sometimes you have days or weeks where you work super hard to get things done..... and it seems no matter how hard you work the things you have to do start multiplying in front of you? Yeah... that is how this past week or two has been. One day I spent literally 8 hours sitting at Panera working on editing pictures and such.... and yet I still have more to be done! I guess that is the way life goes.... when you have nothing to do you have all the time in the world....... when you have a million things to get done..... the time is somehow not there anymore!! All that to say hello.... and here is some of what I do have done!! Here are a couple detail shots from Chris and Ruthie's wedding...... and a couple of the beautiful bride getting ready! Enjoy!!

Ruthie had these made with her wedding colors and put the date of their wedding on them (kind of a cool idea, every time she wears them she will be reminded of her wedding day)..... she wore these for the reception! So cute!!

The bride getting ready while her mom and nephew watch....

Ruthie's niece Kaiya watching her aunt get ready!!


Lonnie + Lori

Meet Lonnie and Lori! They are some friends of mine from Texas who came in for Chris and Ruthie's wedding and let me take some pictures of them on the beach while they were here in Florida! I wish you could meet this couple in person they are so sweet and genuine, Chris and I really enjoyed getting to hang out with them while they were here! Lori is an awesome woman of God who has so much wisdom and peace it's so awesome just to sit and talk to her. This was the first time we had a chance to meet Lonnie and it was so neat to see how in love they are with each other, it's like they got married yesterday!! Lori and Lonnie you were such a pleasure to photograph! Your honest, open love was beautiful to watch and attempt to capture!! Love ya'll and can't wait to see ya'll again!!

One of my new favorite pictures... laughing pics are always my favorites!!

This picture is probably one of my all time favorites ever.... how romantic is this.... he's kissing here hand.... and not I didn't tell him to do that..... he's just that romantic!! Love it!!


Sneak Peek: Chris and Ruthie +Lori and Lonnie

Hey everyone!! Here is a sneak peek of Chris and Ruthie's wedding this past weekend on the beach in Clearwater. It was the perfect sunny day for a beautiful beach wedding... can't wait to share the rest of these pictures with you.... but until then enjoy this little glimpse of their wedding day!!

Later that same day I had the opportunity to take some pictures of some very good friends of ours who flew in from Texas to Florida for Chris and Ruthie's wedding! Meet Lonnie and Lori! We had a blast hanging out on the beach.... here is a little sneak peek of their session!! More coming soon!!


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