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Seniors: Bonnie+Ashley

Meet Pearland seniors Bonnie and Ashley! These girls were awesome... they were up for going anywhere and doing anything! We woke up bright and early one morning to head out and take pictures! It was quite the morning! The last few days before we took our pictures were rainy.... so it was wet and muddy everywhere. We would stop at a field to take pictures.... realize it was muddy... and hop back in the car and head on to the next field! After we took our last set of pictures and were pulling out, my tires got stuck in the mud! As I was attempting to get out of the mud (not quite sure how I was going to do that).... a complete stranger pulled up to help. We were a little apprehensive until one of the girls spotted a Jesus fish on the back of his truck. He hooked our Tahoe up to his trailer with a chain and pulled us out of the mud. As he was leaving I noticed a cuss word on his hat....hmmm... not sure how that works with the Jesus fish? In spite of everything the light that morning was absolutely beautiful.... I couldn't have asked for prettier! Ashley and Bonnie I had so much fun with ya'll, you are beautiful young ladies and I hope your senior year is the best!!

Not quite sure why I am so obsessed with funny faces.... but I am so here are Ashley and Bonnie's!!


Layne Family

Meet the Layne family! The Laynes attend church at Crosspoint Church in Pearland, Tx. where my brother-in-law Bryan Shippey is the youth pastor! We had fun taking some family pictures for Christmas.... and then some of their son Cameron! I am loving the warm fall colors in these pictures!! Laynes... thanks so much for letting me take your pictures and get to know ya'll a little bit..... I had a blast!

Love the look he is giving me here..... he looks very thoughtful!!

Some silliness!!

A jumping pic.... how could we not in front of that pretty blue wall!!

This might be my favorite picture from this family session!!


Ashley+Tim: Engagement

Ashley and Tim are engaged!! Ashley is my cousin.... when we were little we both lived in Dallas and hung out all the time so I was excited for the opportunity to get to see her and my aunt and spend some time with them!! Congrats on the engagement Ashley and Tim.... can't wait for the wedding!!

This picture is my new favorite picture ever!!


Vote for Me: Give Me Moore!!!

So..... I know I already tweeted and facebooked about the contest I entered to win a spot at a photography workshop.....but..... I thought I would blog and give some details about how wonderful and amazing this workshop is.... and why I want to go so badly!! The workshop is put on by one of my favorite photographers.... Kelly Moore of Kelly Moore Photography! The workshop is a one day workshop called Give Me Moore! It is basically a day spent with Kelly learning all kinds of awesome photography knowledge like lighting, posing, workflow and photoshop! Why do I want to go sooooo bad (beside the fact that I have so much still to learn in the area of photography and would love to learn from one of the best)? The biggest reason I want to go is because Kelly is a rockstar with off camera lighting (don't believe me.... go check out her website... you will be amazed!!) ...... and I am just about as clueless as a person can get with my flash!! Honestly....... my flash and I are basically mortal enemies..... and I would love to form some kind of friendship with my flash and start creating some awesome pictures with off camera light!! How do I win a spot at this workshop? YOU!! I need your votes to win! Lots of other photographers have also entered this contest and whoever has the most votes by this Friday (Nov. 13th) will win a spot at Kelly's next workshop! So please, PLEASE..... head on over to her blog, scroll down and find my pic and vote (you can vote once from each computer, so if you have more than one computer around.....vote again!!!) Also feel free to tell all your friends to vote as well!! Thanks so much for all you support and encouragement and votes!!


Gator Time!!

Well hello there!! A couple weeks ago a friend of ours had some extra tickets to a Gator game and invited my husband and I to go....... so we did!! It has been a long time since I have been to a big college football game and I had such a blast at this one. We went to the game where Florida played Arkansas.... yeah... the one we prolly should have lost and the officials got fired for all their bad calls and everything! Yep that's the one we went to!! The whole day was so much fun..... beautiful weather, blue sky and a nice breeze. We drove up early and walked the campus and got to see every tailgating. Then we did the whole Gator walk thing (got to see how crazy everyone goes over Tebow). We had perfect seats at the game right on the 50 yard line.... and what an intense game to be at..... kept me on the edge of my seat!! Then we finished the night of with dinner at Texas Roadhouse!! Yumm!! Here are some pics of the day!! Thanks so much Bruce for taking us to the game and spending the day with us! We loved every minute of it!!

You know you are a serious Gator fan/tailgater when your motor home is decorated with Gator colors and you have a large flatscreen tv that pops out of the side!!

Getting ready for the Gator walk (where all the players walk by and shake your hand and stuff)

There were some pretty serious Gator fans there!!

And some rather creepy fans...... notice the fingernails, cigar and orange tinted contacts!!

This man seemed to take his job rather seriously!!

The man of the hour..... Tim Tebow!!

Us at the game in front of some random car!!

I don't know why but I always think it looks so cool when they line up and do their warm-up!!

Singing the alma mater... such a friendly feel at the game!

A pano of our view at the game!!


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