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Springdale, Ar Photographer. Maternity Photography. Heather

Here is the rest of Heather's maternity session! The sun was out and the light was beautiful for her session! Sadly even though the sun was out it was still pretty cold.... and there was all kinds of chilly wind! Heather was awesome and braved the wind and never once complained..... I think I complained more than she did (I'm such a wimp about cold!) We had quite the adventure..... I dragged Heather out into random, muddy fields and made her climb though branches to get some sweet shots! Thanks Heather for putting up with me and all my crazy requests.... you made my day! Funny story from our session..... I found a hotel that had turquoise doors (my fav color) so I asked Heather to pose in front of one of them for a couple of shots. Next thing we know a group of guys walk up and start talking to us (a rather gruff looking bunch of gentleman.) Then one of them actually asks if we were taking pictures in front of the hotel door because this is where the baby was conceived. He was totally serious..... who asks that??! We promptly left after that comment and I have now dubbed that hotel the "shady hotel with turquoise doors" and won't be going back there any time soon. Heather I had a blast with you and can't wait to meet your little boy!!


Springdale, Ar Photographer. Maternity Photography. Heather Sneak Peek

Here is one of my favorites from Heather's maternity session.... I'll post the rest tomorrow but I couldn't resist posting this shot! Heather is my husbands cousin..... and I was so excited when she asked if I would do some maternity shots for her. It was really fun to hang out and get to know her some!! Heather braved some crazy wind, chilly weather and mud for this shot!! Isn't this just beautiful?? Once again..... mom-to-be absolutely glows!!


Maternity Photography. Northwest, Arkansas Photographer. Rachael

Here is the rest of Rachael's maternity session. Isn't she absolutely gorgeous..... women like her and my sister-in-law Jodi make pregnancy look good! I had never thought very much about doing maternity sessions until my sister-in-law Jodi suggested it and let me do one for her. Ihave to say I have been having a lot of fun with maternity sessions..... in fact it just might be my new favorite thing! Women just absolutely glow when they are pregnant..... it makes my job super easy!! Rachael brought her sister Melissa along for the photo shoot..... in fact the writing on Rachael's belly was done by Melissa.... so cute! We had so much fun wandering around in the fields over by Pearland. Rachael was awesome..... walking through all kinds of thick underbrush and standing in mud and puddles of water when I asked! Rachael and Melissa thanks for being so much fun..... and up for absolutely anything!! Rachael is having a little girl and she is going to name her Malaya (thus the picture below).... isn't that a pretty name! Enjoy!!


Rachael Sneak Peek. Maternity Photography. Springdale, AR

Here is a little tease of my maternity session I had with Rachael yesterday. I can't wait to show you the rest..... Rachael is gorgeous and such a stylish mom-to-be!! Her sister Melissa came along and the three of us had so much fun tracking though wet, muddy fields in our rain boots to get some awesome pics!!


Winter Wonderland: Arkansas Style

So.... we had and ice/snow storm here in northwest Arkansas...... and everything is soooo pretty.... I couldn't help but take some pics! The snow makes everything look different, and beautiful, like I have been transported to a winter wonderland! Chris and I found a park close to our house with a walking trail, a cute little steam and a fishing pond!! We took advantage of the snow and went sledding, chucked a few snowballs at each other and of course..... built a snowman! We are really loving the change of scenery here in Arkansas (and I am slowly adjusting to the cold with the help of my new heating blanket and space heater!) The great thing about the snow here is that it doesn't stick around to long.... just long enough to have some fun! Enjoy!


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