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Seniors: Holly and Shannon

Sometimes I just can't get over how much I love taking pictures... every time I go take pictures I love it more... and the best part about it is getting to know the people I take pictures of. Last week I tagged along with Ruthie for some senior pictures. We got up early (6am early!) to escape the afternoon heat. Say hello to Shannon and Holly two seniors at The First Academy!! They are both super sweet girls with really fun personalities... we all had a blast wandering around downtown taking pictures. Check it out....

I think one of my favorite things about taking pictures is letting peoples personalities show through in their pictures.... and what better way than making goofy faces at the camera! These are pretty much my favorite pictures of Holly and Shannon... so cute!!

For the end of the Holly and Shannon's senior session they brought along a tea set and outfits to go with it!! This really shows how creative and fun Holly and Shannon are... and they rocked those straw hats!!

Thanks Holly and Shannon for being so much fun and letting me tag along... hope your senior year is great!!


Chris and Ruthie: Engagement Part 2

Here it is... Chris and Ruthie: Part 2.... Downtown Orlando!! We had fun heading out early last Sunday morning (to escape the heat and humidity of the afternoon) to finish their engagement session. We found a parking garage rooftop that gave us a nice downtown Orlando skyline... then headed to Lake Eola where Chris and Ruthie first met!! Chris and Ruthie get married in early October... less than 40 days away! I'm getting so excited for their wedding... they are such a great couple... can't wait to see the things God will do through them!!


Ruthie and Chris: Engagement Part 1

Yes!! Here it is finally Ruthie and Chris' engagement pictures Part 1:The Beach!! We took these while the guys (Chris Allen Band) were playing at a camp in Destin, Fl. The beaches in Destin are absolutely gorgeous so we headed out super early one morning to take pictures on a deserted strip of sand. Ruthie and Chris are such a cute couple... I can't wait for their wedding coming up in October! Part 2 coming soon... enjoy!!

This picture below is pretty much one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken.... aren't Ruthie's eyes just gorgeous!!


First Baptist Humble

Here is a little snapshot of a camp we went to just outside of Huntsville, Tx. for First Baptist Humble. There would be more pictures but I spent a lot of the week hanging out with Sarah of Sarah Ainsworth Photography soaking up all her photography wisdom!! Enjoy the snapshot... more camps and summer fun to come!!


Emily+Michaela-Just for Fun

A few weeks ago I went to Midland to spend some time with my family there. While there I went out one day with my sister Michaela and her friend Emily to take pictures. They got all dressed up and we had fun just hanging out and being girls! Aren't they both just beautiful... and they are both super sweet and godly women!! Emily is studying dance and is a very talented ballerina. My sister is going to Moody Bible Institute in the Fall and will be apart of their Compassion Ministry program... she is going to do amazing (and I will have to think of excuses to come visit her a lot.... the school is located in downtown Chicago, such a cool place!) This first picture I took is one of my favorites... it just shows their personalities and what it is like to be around these two.... lots of laughter and smiles!!

Normally I don't like to mess with my photos too much... but this photo looked so cool when I messed with the colors a little... maybe it's because my sister is so pretty she looks good in any color!

This is my other favorite... how could a picture in an old milk truck not be cool!?


Rangers Game

Last week the guys (Chris Allen Band) led worship for the youth at First Baptist Colleyville. While in town our good friend Zack took us all to a Rangers game!! It has been years since I have been to a Rangers game... and we all had a lot of fun. Sadly I was the only female that went to the Rangers game... along with 7 guys! Needless to say I'm not up on all my baseball terminology and was not able to join in all the guys sports stats conversations. In light of this I spent the majority of the evening with my camera attached to my eye, and my finger on the shutter button taking pictures!

It's not so obvious in this picture as it is below.... but this is also a panorama I took as we walked into the game!

Ever since Jodi and I ran into our gigapanning friend at Rice... I have wanted to attempt a panorama... so here is one of my first attempts!

My row... Chris Allen band minus Cordy!

The guys that sat behind us and a couple rows up.... thanks for being the only one who payed any attention to me and my camera Michael!

My handsome husband and I!!

The Rangers in action!

Another one of my husband.... he's so handsome I just couldn't help myself!!

In the middle of the game a one of the Rangers hit a home run... and fireworks went off! I whipped out my camera as fast as I could.... and this is what I got... smoke!!

Last, but most definitely not least, the new Cowboys stadium in all it's glory!! I think if I could go to any game in any stadium across all sports, I would go to a Cowboys game in their home stadium!!


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