Welcome to my blog! I'm Christina Shippey...... a wedding and portrait photographer based out of Northwest Arkansas! Here you get to see my most recent work and occasionally get a peek into my personal life.

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Caitlin in Winter Park

Hey ya'll!!! Ruthie and I went out this morning and took some pictures of her friend Caitlin!! Caitlin was such a great model for the day..she is so pretty and has a great sense of style!! She was up for whatever...even bravely charging into a jungle (probably full of snakes, spiders and other yucky things) in the name of a good picture!! We all had a blast....the only bummer was the heat and humidity!! This is November for goodness sake...why is it so hot?!! Here are my favorites....let me know what you think!!

(this is my very favorite)

(the jungle shot)


Michaela's Senior Pictures

Here are my little sisters senior pictures from last year! I haven't had a lot of new pictures to photoshop....so I sit around and photoshop really old ones!!!

Fall In Orlando

Hey ya'll....here is my amazing husband....Chris....and some pictures he took of me....I'm thinking he might be a better photographer than me....he had some really great ideas and got some great shots!!! I have been making myself shoot in manual mode.....and I think these pictures show why it is so important to always shoot in manual!!! They have such rich color, warmth and depth it's amazing!! Here are some pictures that I shot in manual and have not edited at all!! Let me know what ya'll think!!!


Fourth of July!!!

Hey ya'll!!! Here are some pics of my niece at our 4th of July celebration...she is such a cutie!!

Here are my husband and Mother-in-law......not really sure what Chris is doing??

Here is Sadie the sweetest dog in the whole world!!!


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