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Houston I Have a Flash!!

Is that title corny or what!? Haha... that's kinda what I feel like though... Hello World!! I am now armed and ready with a flash... so here I come!! First I have to tell you the whole reason I am even blessed enough to have a flash... my ever so sweet husband!! My husband has known for awhile how bad I have been wanting, and needing, a flash. People will ask if I can take this or that picture... and every once in awhile I will have to say no because I don't have a flash. It always makes me kinda sad, and my husband can somehow tell it makes me sad. About two weeks ago my husband was told he was getting a paycheck for some of the stuff he does with the band. He instantly leaned over and told me that he wanted me to use the money he was getting for a flash, a nice flash. Wow!! Now some of you may not think it is a big deal for my husband to tell me to go buy a nice flash. But it is, and I will tell you why. We are not super wealthy, we are not even kinda wealthy. We are more of the "our treasure is in heaven" type (because it sure isn't here!) When we first got married we used to have what we called "fun money" every month... money we could each use however we pleased (mine usually went towards photography equipment and clothes, his towards drum equipment). We no longer have fun money... every single penny we make has a use, has a purpose. We are by no means poor... we have every thing we could ever need, and know we are very blessed to have the things we do!! We just don't have money to spend on things that aren't super necessary. So... to have a little extra money is a big deal... and what to do with it is an even bigger deal. There are so many things my husband wants... and perhaps even needs. So... for him to say the money is mine... all of it... wow!! Makes me realize how blessed am I to have such a sweet, caring husband. One who does exactly what the Bible says and puts my wants and desires before his own!! I am one lucky girl... and every time I use that beautiful little flash of mine I will be reminded just how lucky I am!!
Here is my sweet little flash and my awesome off-brand, off-camera flash cord! Much more to come as I experiment and learn how to use these... I have a ways to go in my understanding of light!!


ruth eileen photography May 5, 2009 at 5:36 PM  

That's awesome!! I know your gonna have a blast using it!

Cari Denee May 7, 2009 at 1:33 PM  

WOW! I totally understand what you mean!!!! I got my flash for Christmas and it has been a huge blessing!!! The other day I did a mother daughter banquet and made over $350 in less than an hour bc of it!!!! How amazing is our Lord?!


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