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Chris Allen Band

Sunday the guys from the Chris Allen Band and I headed to downtown Orlando to try and get a couple more recent pictures for their press kit. They mostly wanted just a simple pictures of all their faces... nothing fancy. We headed downtown, drove around for just about forever trying to find a parking spot, and then when we had finally made the decision to pay $8 to park.... it started to rain. We spent the next hour trecking around in the rain trying to find cool picture spots, talking to a random security guard and hiding under overhangs in an attempt not to get soaked. I will admit that I got a little frustrated at the rain... downtown Orlando is so cool and I have been wanting to take pictures down there for awhile. Then when the opportunity arrives... so does the rain!! We didn't get to take that many pictures... but here is what we got from the few I took! Let me know which one ya'll like... the guys are only sending out one with their kit (the one right below is my personal fav!)

We tried the whole reflection thing....hmm.... not so sure?

This one cracked me up!! I told the guys to all look off... and this is the result!!

These are just a couple pictures of downtown Orlando... so much cool stuff down there!! The next time I have a sunny afternoon off... I am just going to spend it cruising around downtwon taking pics!!


Cari Denee March 25, 2009 at 6:40 PM  

Christina...I really like the one of them looking in the window!!!! That is my all time fav. Its diff from most of the normal shots! The one of them looking diff directions made me laugh out loud!!! Very funny! I can't wait until we join back up and take more photos! Maybe I will come to Orlando...ROAD TRIP!!

Jodi March 25, 2009 at 10:24 PM  

Hey- I really like the 1st one too...I really like the reflection pic. Very cool! When are you guys coming to Texas?

Jodi March 29, 2009 at 12:36 AM  

i love the one where they are looking off - haha...so nonchalant...not at all...maybe your lesson in text bubbles will teach them the error of their ways...better luck next time! the rest are great - i really like the reflection one and the train downtown - so fun!


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