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Some Thoughts on Easter

Today is Good Friday, the day we remember and meditate on Christ's death on the cross, and what it means for us. This Sunday we will celebrate Easter... and Christ's resurrection from the cross. In years past I have been either half oblivious or perhaps half hearted towards Easter Sunday. Often I show up to church and am reminded as the service starts... "Oh yeah, todays Easter... cool." Every once in awhile I'll actually remember early Easter sunday morning... and put on Keith Green's "Easter Song" and blare it around the house a couple times before church. (And who can forget Easter lunch... one of the highlights of the day!) This Easter though somethings different. Different in that I have been reminded that today is Good Friday. Different in that not only do I know Easter Sunday is just two days away... but I cannot wait for it to be here. Today is a day to think on death, and on the cross. Today is in part a somber day. To realize that something terrible had to happen in order for something so beautiful to happen. This year is different because for some reason I can't wait for Sunday!! I can't wait to celebrate, to rejoice and to claim the victory we have in Christ. I feel almost like a little child waiting for Christmas morning!! Like something inside me is waiting to come out!! Can't wait to sing at the top of my lungs alongside others... " The enemy's been defeated, death couldn't hold him down!" To revel in the fact that death has no sting anymore. That my sin has been taken away... all of it! That the God of the universe, not needing me, or anything I have or can do, still wanted and loved me so much that He sent His only son to die for me and my filthy sins. Wow!! I can't wait for Easter Sunday!!

If you look closely at the pictures above you can see tiny little crosses in the light... my way of celebrating Christ's resurrection with my camera!! I used a method my good friend Sarah explains in much more detail in one of her blog posts, she also gives some beautiful examples (mine look childish next to hers... but it was my first attempt.) Basically I put a piece of card stock with a cross cut out of it on the front of my lens and played with the light and bokeh. Hope ya'll have an awesome Easter!!


Anonymous April 11, 2009 at 3:05 PM  

Christina, this is so well said! Praise God for working in you and reminding you of the precious gift of Christ. He is doing the same in me. When I saw the images at the bottom I nearly cried. It is so amazing to be able to use your gift of photography for the sake of Christ! I love and miss you so much!!!!


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