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Downtown With Jodi

This is my sister-in-law Jodi.... isn't she beautiful?! She has gorgeous green eyes (I love when people have super pretty eyes it just makes the whole picture pop) and the prettiest freckles and smile! Last week while I was in Houston Jodi and I headed downtown to find some fun, new picture spots. We found this fun blue wall.... then walked over to Rice University.

It was a super hot, sunny day and we soon found our way into a little snack shop to cool off! While there we found these awesome purple chairs and pure white wall... and we just snapped away. The light was so awesome!! While in the snack shop we also made a friend and were introduced to something new... gigapans!

After walking around in the heat for over two hours.... this is basically how we felt... a little bit crazy!

Tada.... my first ever gigapan!! Still not really sure what a gigapan is.... kind of like a panorama?? Apparently Jodi and I's gigapan is now one of the top 30 gigapans... cool huh?

Check out Jodi's blog to see the pictures she took of me while we were downtown!


sarah ainsworth July 15, 2009 at 5:56 PM  

these are really good! i love the colors, did you do these with the 85mm? I hope to see you sometime in the next week! and i love the bokeh of the fireworks! so awesome looking!!


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