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Michaela in Orlando!

This is my awesome little sister Michaela!! She is always a blast to be around... and a couple of days ago she came to see me in Orlando!! Now most people when their sister comes to visit do normal things... hang out, go eat... show them around town. Not Michaela and I... we decided we needed to do something different. My sister suggested a tattoo or piercing... I vetoed the tattoo idea (so not my thing... no offense to anyone... just not me at all)... so that left a piercing. I have always kinda wanted a nose piercing... I think they can be cute and a little edgy! Michaela was immediately like "nose piercing, oh yeah!" We looked online, asked around and headed to a little shop called The Black Wedding Chapel... such a sweet, comforting name. We drove up and both kinda looked at each other... and in we went! Inside were four heavily tattooed and pierced people... we so didn't belong in that tattoo shop. We told them what we were there for (they turned out to be really friendly) and headed back to the white room. This is where I chickened out... not because I was afraid to pierce my nose..... the cost of piercing my nose ($60) scared me a little more (maybe when I find a place that will do it cheaper!) So we all (my husband Chris, sister's friend Lauren and I) sat and cheered on Michaela as she bravely pierced her nose!

The black dot Josh (the piercing guy) marked to pierce her nose...
Getting a good hold of her nose... I think this might have been the most uncomfortable part!
... and the actual piercing... so brave... barely even a tear!
I don't know why she didn't just leave this in....?
Tada!! The final product!! Michaela you're awesome... thanks so much for coming to see me... and being up for an adventure!!



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